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Weight Loss

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About Weight Loss

Struggling with your current weight loss programme? We stock an extensive range of weight loss supplements that could help you achieve your slimming goals.

Whether you’re looking to detox, suppress your appetite, boost metabolism or simply burn fat there’s a weight loss supplement to suit all needs here at Health Rack.

Appetite Suppressant Supplements

Controlling what you eat is vital when it comes to slimming, which is why supplements that help suppress appetite can be extremely effective. 

Garcinia Cambogia and Cha De Bugre both contain high levels of fruit extract which are said to naturally support appetite control, potentially boosting your weight loss chances.  

The 5:2 Fast Diet involves 5 days of normal eating and 2 days of fasting, which aims to make the body’s organs work harder and more efficiently. Consuming 5:2 Fast supplements whilst following this diet plan may help take away any hunger you might feel during the 2 days of fasting.

Detox Supplements

Detoxing can help boost weight loss whilst also improving your overall health.. Colon Cleanse is a weight loss supplement that may help by flushing out toxins and inner cleansing your body.

Metabolism Boosters

The higher your metabolism the more calories your body will burn boosting your weight loss efforts. We stock a number of weight loss supplements including T9+ Thermogenic, Green Coffee and Garcinia Cambogia that may help boost your metabolism.

Slimming Patches

Slimming patches are a more convenient way of potentially helping you lose weight. Both the Trim 24 Seven Patch and the Hoodia Gordonii Patch are specially formulated to help boost weight loss by helping to suppress appetite and boost metabolism. When supplements are delivered transdermally via a patch, they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, which can result in as much as 95% of the supplements getting to the cells where they are most needed.

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