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Almost 30 years ago, before the Internet had even been invented, the first ever Health Rack store opened its doors to the people of Rochdale in 1987! As a family run business our aim was simple, to help improve the health and wellbeing of every body, a philosophy which we still follow today!

Health Rack Blackburn

Blackburn Shops

Stocking a large selection of health supplements, slimming products and sports nutrition at competitive prices business went from strength to strength and it wasn't long before a second Health Rack store opened up, this time in Bolton.

Since opening in 1990 it's one of 8 stores still doing business today!

A year later we took a trip up the A666, opening up another store this time in the milling town of Blackburn.

St. Helens and Blackpool

With the demand for health supplements, vitamins and sports nutrition on the rise growth was steady and in between 1993 and 1996 we opened 4 more stores across the North West in St Helens, Blackpool, Manchester and Wigan. After 10 years of trading and at a time when Tony Blair was elected prime minister ending 18 years of Conservative rule and Dolly the sheep became the first cloned mammal Health Rack continued to evolve! In between 1997 and 1999 we opened a staggering 15 stores across the north of England including stores in Preston,

Health Rack St. Helens and Blackpool
Health Rack York, Hull, Doncaster, Ashton

York, Hull, Doncaster, Ashton

At the turn of the millennium we had 23 stores across the north of England and business was booming, but we didn’t stop there! In 2000 it was our busiest year to date with a further 8 stores opening in places such as Bowness, Grimsby, Huddersfield and Carlisle.

The evolution of Health Rack continued that year as we launched our first ever website.

Health Rack 21st Century

21st Century

Jumping into the 21st century we were able to target new customers throughout the UK whilst allowing existing customers to purchase their health supplements and vitamins from the comfort of their homes. 2001 was another busy year following the opening of 5 more stores in Nottingham, Derby, Bury, Stoke and Belfast! Over the years we've been recognised as a leading supplier of health supplements and have featured in numerous health and fitness magazines including Women's Health, Men's Health and Health & Fitness Sports Magazine.

Even the celebs love a bit of Health Rack...

Sir Paul McCartney was seen purchasing Cod Liver Oil capsules from our Chester store back in 2003! So if it's good enough for the former Beatles legend surely it's good enough for you?!? In 2008 we joined the social media hype by signing up to Facebook and Twitter, now a days we use these accounts to provide health tips, share health news and keep all our followers updated with the latest deals and special offers!

Health Rack Celebrity

We celebrated our 25th birthday in 2012 and went on to launch Health Rack Rewards, offering our customers healthy rewards for shopping with us. Most recently our website underwent a massive makeover with a brand new design, which still contains the famous Health Rack branding. Offering all our customers as much information as possible we've introduced new product guides and an all new Health Rack Community Wall displaying reviews, blog posts and more!

28 years after our first store opened the Health Rack story continues to write itself!

With 14 stores still open throughout the North of England and a website with a wide selection of health supplements and vitamins it's no surprise that many people choose Health Rack for their supplements, after all we have supplements for every body.

Health Rack 28 years