The slimming properties of green tea have been widely promoted for years. Now, there’s another lean, green contender for the weight loss crown: green coffee beans. In this article, Health Rack explores the potential health benefits of green coffee bean capsules and why they might be just your cuppa if you’re dieting.

Green coffee bean extract vs regular coffee

Long before the contents of your beloved cup of coffee are roasted and freeze dried, the seeds of the tree resemble red cherries that contain a green bean beneath their skin. When roasted, these precious beans turn brown and provide the unmistakable aroma and taste that tempts us Brits to consume an estimated 95 million cups of coffee...every day!

The problem with roasted coffee beans is that, whilst rich in antioxidants, the resultant coffee grains actually lose a huge proportion of the beneficial chlorogenic acid that’s found in the pure, unadulterated green coffee beans. To extract the goodness from the raw form of coffee beans, they’re soaked and concentrated to create green coffee bean extract, which is then formulated into capsules.

Green coffee beans for weight loss

The chlorogenic acid found in green coffee pills is believed to deliver a number of health benefits, including:

  • Boosts weight loss
  • Inhibits fat accumulation
  • Limits carbohydrate absorption
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels 
  • Anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular protection

Plus, we know that not everyone enjoys the taste of coffee. If that’s you, then why should you lose out on health boosting green coffee benefits? The short answer is you don’t have to! Because green coffee bean capsules from Health Rack give you all the weight loss advantages in a convenient, taste-free tablet that you can fit around your lifestyle.

Buy green coffee weight loss pills from Health Rack

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