Green tea has been widely consumed across parts of Asia for thousands of years and is thought to be a contributory factor to higher life expectancies. It’s only in recent years that Western science has cottoned on to the beneficial properties of this remarkable plant. In this blog, Health Rack explores the many health claims linked to green tea, including weight loss, and explains why you might want to consider taking green tea tablets as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Benefits of green tea extract

Made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant, green tea is a powerful antioxidant rich in beneficial polyphenols. Known as catechins, these polyphenols are derived from the plant’s leaves and provide an impressive array of health benefits, which are thought to be linked to the dosage of catechins and caffeine within your tea or green tea supplements.

So what are the benefits of green tea? Well, the good news is that this super plant has been studied extensively over the years and has been linked with benefiting virtually every organ in the body. As a result, it is thought to have protective properties for the heart, brain and blood vessels, as well as fighting carcinogens, diabetes and possibly even cancer (although the jury is still out on that one).

The most researched and hyped polyphenol found in green tea is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Not only does this remarkable tannin give green tea its mild astringency (producing that dry mouth effect) but it is also thought to be highly ‘bioactive’, which means that it interacts with organic molecules and cellular processes. For example, it interferes with oxidation, which can help to minimise oxidative damage in cells.

It’s also believed that high doses of EGCG can affect lipid oxidation (the body’s way of accessing fatty acids for energy) and related fat-burning pathways. One particular study, published on PLOS One in 2014, found that EGCG might help the liver to break down fats. While a review in the journal Nutrients published in 2015 suggested that EGCG could play a role in reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome, a group of disorders linked to obesity and cardiovascular problems. EGCG has also been linked to benefits for cognition and alertness, as has the L-theanine also present in green tea.

Why take green tea capsules?

For many people, the enjoyment of green tea is found in drinking it. In fact, many studies have looked at whether the extraordinary life expectancy of people living in Japan can in part be attributed to their high consumption of green tea, as well as their dietary and lifestyle habits. However, green tea isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! Those beneficial tannins can also lead to a bitter taste, especially if the tea has steeped for too long.

The good news is that you can gain all the benefits of green tea in a convenient, tasteless green tea supplement available from Health Rack. Our 1,000 mg green tea capsules, which come in packs of 60 capsules, are high strength (40% catechins) and are a great way to experience the benefits of green tea for those who don’t like the taste of green tea. Incorporated into a balanced programme of healthy diet and exercise, green tea pills can be a real shot in the arm for your dieting efforts and overall health in general.

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