Australian veterinarian Edward Bassingthwaighte has been doing hands-on research into CBD oil for dogs and the benefits it may have on dogs with serious illnesses. “A senior Staffordshire Terrier had a 6cm mammary tumour and metastasis that disappeared in 3 months and didn’t come back…”. This is just one example of how CBD Oil has helped an unwell animal. However, there are many questions surrounding this misunderstood substance. In this article, Health Rack will aim to answer one of the most common questions surrounding CBD oil for animals: “Is CBD oil safe for dogs?”. 

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

Throughout all the studies into CBD oil for animals, an array of health benefits have been revealed. The most encouraging result is that CBD oil appears to be safe for dogs and animals alike, even when taken in high doses and over an extended period of time. One thing to be wary of is that CBD can reduce the activity of liver enzymes used to metabolize many prescription drugs, so if your dog is on specific medication, you might want to ask your vet before giving your dog CBD.

CBD oil is derived from hemp oil, which contains only very small traces of THC. THC is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. However, CBD oil is a separate compound that has no psychoactive properties whatsoever.  Because of this, many countries have approved the use of hemp-based CBD for human and animal products.

Benefits of CBD oil for dogs

There is an array of benefits that your dog can gain from taking CBD. Just as in humans, regular use of CBD is helpful for the effects of ageing. Many people find CBD can help support older dogs with ailments, such as arthritis and achy bones. There are also more serious illnesses that CBD can aid, which include:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Anti-tumour effects
  • Treatment of seizures and epilepsy

CBD oil can be very healthy for your dog and, in some cases, lifesaving. Numerous pet owners and holistic vets alike are drawn to its diverse health benefits. Pet owners feel comfortable knowing that CBD oil is safe for dogs, that there are minimal side effects and that animals don’t appear to build up a tolerance.

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