In this blog, Health Rack highlights top CBD bloggers who are informing the masses of the positive health and well-being benefits of CBD as a supplement. Whether the blogs are focused on CBD oil for anxiety or CBD and epilepsy, we have collected the most informative and useful ones for you to take a look at.

Top CBD Oil Blogs 

Take a look at Health Rack’s top CBD blogs that we feel are a great source of information to widen your understanding and knowledge of this amazing supplement.

A focus on CBD oil for anxiety, stress and PMS

First up is a blog post on Collective Evolution, written by Anna Rodgers. Anna brings attention to the many different ways CBD oil could help a multitude of health problems, including stress, PMS, insomnia and anxiety. By highlighting the variety of uses for CBD oil she gives an interesting account of how health issues could be improved by CBD.

Keeping up to date on all things Canabidol

The blog on the Canabidol website is a great way to find up to date information about their own specific products. As suppliers of Canabidol, we are strong believers in the effectiveness and high quality of all of their CBD products.

The possibility of CBD for mental health

Even though The Lifestyle Blogger UK isn’t a CBD focused blog, this particular post brings attention to the positive impact that CBD oil can have on your mental health. This blog could have an incredible impact on helping CBD to become more of a mainstream tool for mental health. 

CBD and epilepsy – do you need THC?

This particular blog post on LIWTS takes a question from the public and answers it straight. They address ‘Can CBD Help Epilepsy or is THC Needed to be Effective?’ This is a frequently asked question surrounding the use of CBD that stops a lot of people trying it. So, this is an interesting read for people needing more information. Our particular cannabis oil is CBD with no THC.

Starting the discussion around CBD and epilepsy

EpilepsyU, a dedicated online resource to provide more information about epilepsy, recently posted about using CBD oil to lessen the effects of epilepsy. Even beginning the conversation around CBD oil to treat epilepsy is a huge stepping stone for CBD.

A podcast surrounding CBD for mental health

Meadow is very unique in its content as it includes a podcast between Meadow CEO and Co-Founder, David Hua and Meadow MD physician Dr. Dan Price. It provides an interesting insight into how cannabis as a whole can have a positive impact on mental illness, with some in-depth information on CBD.

Dedicated to informing the public about CBD

There is a dedicated section on the Pot Network that focuses entirely on CBD and keeps the public informed of any updates. They tackle interesting subjects for example, CBD for MS. For people looking to learn about CBD and its many uses, or even the legality surrounding the product, this blog has it all.

So, there you have it, Health Rack’s top CBD blogs! We believe that CBD needs to be discussed more in order for it to become an acceptable form of treatment for illnesses such as anxiety, epilepsy and many more.