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Can CBD help me sleep?

Almost everyone goes through bouts of sleeplessness from time to time. That's the cost of being human and having the capacity to worry about the future and chew over the past. However, if it takes you 30 minutes or more to fall asleep, or if you’re awake for 30 minutes or more during the night at least three times a week for a month or more, you could be suffering from insomnia.

Insomnia has major effects on mood, as well as on alertness, and it is also a classic symptom of depression. So, if you’re one of the unlucky people who have trouble getting some good quality sleep, you should know that you are not alone.

Using regular medications may help you to sleep, but they can also attribute to feelings of drowsiness and lethargy, or leave you feeling distracted and unable to focus. However, CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) from Health Rack could provide an alternative and help you get some restful sleep, without any of the negative effects.

Here’s all you need to know about how CBD can help you to sleep.

How does CBD affect sleep?

It may sound weird, but CBD Oil is actually known to promote alertness and in turn, helps us sleep better overall. Doesn’t make much sense?  Keep reading…

It has been proven scientifically that healthy sleep-wake cycles are crucial for a healthy sleep pattern. These sleep cycles heavily affect our state of alertness during our waking hours. We all know the typical feelings of drowsiness and an inability to focus when we haven’t slept properly. When you are in states like those and trying to go to sleep at night, it is almost impossible for you to enter or maintain the non-REM phase of sleep, otherwise called “deep sleep”. That’s where CBD comes into the picture.

Research has shown that CBD decreases the duration of the REM phase (one where you sleep very lightly and also the phase when dreams happen), and allows you to really rest while you are sleeping – which could eventually lead to improved memory and an overall increase in the quality and duration of sleep.

 Basically, if you take the appropriate doses of CBD during the day, you should be more alert and focused while awake, and your sleep-wake cycle should be much more consistent so you will have no trouble sleeping through the night.

 Where can I buy CBD products?

Health Rack has been stocking superior CBD Oil products from Canabidol since 2017. In fact, we realised the potential of this incredible all-natural product well before many of our bigger competitors. We have a deep understanding of Canabidol CBD Oil products, including oils in various strengths, capsules, gel tablets, vape liquid, and skin care creams.  Our experts are only too happy to talk you through your options.

For more information about all our CBD Oil products available to buy at Health Rack, visit us at one of our North West stores, contact our experts today on 0800 085 6211.