Vitamin D3 is a crucial vitamin the body must have in order for it to effectively absorb calcium, leading to the promotion of bone growth. Commonly known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, due to it being produced in your skin as a response to sunlight, vitamin D3 can be found in certain foods and supplements. In this article, Health Rack will answer ‘What is vitamin D3?’ and highlight what it means to have a vitamin D3 deficiency, as well as outlining vitamin D3 benefits.

What is Vitamin d3?

Vitamin D3 is one of the 5 vitamin Ds and can be found in some foods and dietary supplements. The body can also make this vitamin but only when exposed to the sun’s UVB radiation. Vitamin D3 does cause some controversy as vitamins by definition cannot be synthesised by the body. However, following recent studies, many people are now choosing to limit their UVB radiation exposure due to further health complications. This is why many now take this supplement, as it ensures a safe way to prohibit a vitamin D3 deficiency.

Vitamin D3 Benefits

Vitamin D3 benefits us by supporting important bodily functions. Studies have suggested who people that have higher levels of vitamin D3 are at lower risk of disease. The main benefit of Vitamin D3 is seen in its contribution to aiding the body, to maintain normal levels of calcium in the body which in turn supports healthy bones and teeth. The NHS recommends that babies up to the age of 1 need 8.5-10mcg of vitamin D3 a day and that children from the age of 1 and adults need 10mcg of Vitamin D3 a day.

Vitamin D3 deficiency

Vitamin D3 deficiency has been shown to be linked to a number of ailments such as weight gain, depression, breast cancer and heart disease, to name a few. Due to our everyday lifestyles, including work and school, it means that many modern lifestyles steer us towards having a Vitamin D3 deficiency.

Dietary sources of Vitamin D3 are minimal and can only be found in a small number of foods such as oily fish, red meat, egg yolks and some fortified foods such as cereals. For this reason, Vitamin D3 supplements are a fantastic way to ensure you reap all of the Vitamin D3 benefits and that you avoid having a Vitamin D3 deficiency.

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