The number of CBD users has doubled over the last year, skyrocketing from 125,000 users 12 months ago to 250,000 currently. Since Holland & Barrett began stocking CBD oil, it has crossed over into the mainstream and gained a groundswell of public and media attention. But how do their CBD oil products fare in a comparison with Health Rack’s CBD selection? There’s only one way to find out…

Health Rack has been stocking CBD oil products from Canabidol, and extolling the virtues of this all-natural extract of the cannabis sativa plant, since August 2017. Demand was instantly high and remains to be to this day. There is an enormous need and desire amongst the UK population to tap into the health and wellbeing benefits of CBD oil.

When Holland & Barrett began stocking their own range of CBD oil products from Dutch producers, Jacob Hooy, in February of this year it’s fair to say that public interest went through the roof. Countless media reports helped to normalise the CBD oil industry and brought this powerful supplement to the attention of a much wider audience.

Just to highlight the diversity of CBD oil products now available to UK consumers, we thought it might be fun to carry out a comparison of Canabidol and Jacob Hooy products. We’ve looked at three main criteria for the purposes of this Canabidol and Jacob Hooey CBD oil review: selection, testing and price. We’re not looking for winners. Rather, we want to show what choices are available to you.

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1. Selection

One thing that strikes you immediately about Holland & Barrett’s range of CBD oil products from Dutch manufacturers, Jacob Hooy, in comparison to our range from Canabidol, is the comparatively smaller selection of products. Currently, if you want to enjoy the wellbeing benefits of CBD oil, you’re limited to dropper bottles, in a range of sizes and strengths, and a pack of 60 capsules.

Here at Health Rack, we also stock a range of CBD oil droppers, in varying strengths and sizes, as well as capsule packs. However, in our efforts to provide the broadest CBD experience possible, we can also offer CBD Gel-Tabs, which are the only exact dosage, sublingual (under the tongue) CBD product available worldwide.

Our CBD Cacao-Tabs work the same, but taste even better. Meanwhile, our high-purity CBD concentrated extract, supplied in an easy to administer oral syringe, delivers a 50% CBD dose. While our CBD vape liquid gives you the ultimate in convenient dosing that fits in with your lifestyle.

2. Testing

As the CBD industry is in its infancy, it’s crucial to source CBD oil products that have been fully tested. We can’t vouch for the testing procedures that Jacob Hooy use in the production of their CBD products. However, as official UK distributors of Canabidol CBD products we have the inside track on their procedures. Not only do they thoroughly test their CBD products for quality, potency and purity at their dedicated research facility in the South East of England, but they also employ independent lab tests across the globe to validate their results.

Another thing that we love about Canabidol products is that they control every step of the process; from planting the seeds, through to the growing, extraction, lab testing, manufacturing and distribution process. That means that they can vouch for the quality of their CBD oil products from start to finish. We feel it’s important to have that full traceability and quality assurance, and all from a CBD manufacturer based right here in Britain.

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3. Price

Holland & Barrett are an extremely successful and well-known brand. Part of their high street appeal is their ability to tailor their prices to offer health food products at incredibly competitive prices. As a multi-national retailer they can certainly afford to do so. However, we believe our Canabidol products more than hold their own.

Holland & Barrett’s Jacob Hooy products range from £19.99 through to £59.99. While our Canabidol products range from £19.99 to £69.99. However, our to-end products include our unique 1,000 mg Gel-Tabs. We offer a spend-and-save discount which would entitle you to 10% off your chosen product when you spend over £25 as well as free delivery which you would qualify for automatically.

The choice is yours!

At the end of the day, finding the right CBD oil is a personal choice. As is finding the right dosage, the right type of CBD product for your needs, and the best tasting option. We’ve laid out the options and, ultimately, we hope that you can find a CBD oil product that suits you. Whether it’s Canabidol CBD oil or Jacob Hooy CBD oil, if it works for you, then that’s the most important thing.

For more information about our entire selection of CBD oil products, or to order yours today, contact Health Rack today by calling us on 0800 085 6211.