Planning a weight loss programme can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. So, if you want to know how to lose weight fast after the excesses of the festive season then why not make some preparations and get your 30-day weight loss plan together from the help of Health Rack? At Health Rack, we offer a range of unique weight loss products to help you to lose weight fast in readiness for Summer 2018. To get you thinking about your goals, we’ve done our research and got together a free weight loss plan to get you started!

How to lose weight fast

When we talk about how to lose weight fast what we really mean is how to lose weight in a short time period but also how to do this safely. At Health Rack, your health and wellbeing will always come first and so we’ve researched and developed a way to lose weight as part of a 30-day weight loss plan which includes tips on a diet plan for weight loss and also how best to combine our weight loss products into your regime.

Follow the four – the Health Rack diet plan for weight loss

There are 4 key methods to follow in your weight loss programme:

1. Water

Drinking around 8 glasses of water a day has been proven to improve not only your general health but also to flush out any toxins that have been sitting around in your body. Plus, if you really want to keep your body squeaky clean then why not invest in our Colon Cleanse capsules. Bloating, constipation, insomnia and moodiness are some of the common signs present in your body that mean you may have additional toxins that need to be cleaned out. And what better way to do this than with water? Plus, water contains zero calories – not one – so there’s nothing in there that can possibly add to your weight situation. Water is an absolute must for anyone who is looking to lose weight fast.

2. Sugar and sweeteners

Most things we eat contain either sugar or hidden sugars. The hidden sugars can lurk in the most unlikely of foods so always read the label on both food and drink products. You may think that fruit juice is healthy but it actually contains an inordinate amount of sugar. You may have to get militant about labels for 30 days but it will be worth it. Why not take the 30-day no sugar challenge and combine it with a morning dose of our apple cider vinegar? This raw, organic liquid is high in acetic vinegar and also contains lots of other beneficial compounds that may assist with your weight loss programme.

3. Food and portion control

It may seem like a no-brainer but the less you eat, the more weight you lose so why not serve your food and eat on a smaller plate. You can still eat healthily but you won’t be eating as much. Try and eat foods that will not only fill you up but also give you energy. Foods that release energy slowly throughout the day like porridge are good. As are ‘fat-burning' foods like whole grains and lean meats. To accompany your food intake and assist with your 30-day weight loss plan, why not top up your intake with a Raspberry Ketone capsule? Raspberry Ketones are thought to speed up the food absorption process, which can assist with a diet plan for weight loss.

4. Exercise

As part of your 30-day weight loss plan, you’ll need to try and exercise for around 30 minutes for at least five days out of seven. You can break up this exercise into 15-minute sessions if you don’t have time to put aside for a full 30 minutes. Why not go for a run in the local park or even run up and down the stairs at home for 15 minutes. Any exercise you can get will assist in your goal to lose weight fast. You could also combine your exercise routine without T5 black edition ‘fat burner’ capsules, which are proven to assist with a weight loss programme when taken as part of a training routine.  

So why not buy a calendar today and start to plan build your own personal 30-day weight loss plan and stock up with Health Rack supplies. In addition to the products we’ve mentioned above, we do also offer a combination capsule which combines the health and weight loss benefits of raspberry ketones, colon cleansing and apple cider vinegar.