Surrounded by junk food, unhealthy snacks, additives, preservatives and chemicals are infiltrating our diets and making a negative impact on our health. Over half of all adults in England have raised cholesterol and every 7 minutes somebody in the UK will suffer a heart attack. These statistics are shocking and indicate the need for a huge lifestyle change in Britain, so it is no wonder that people are seeking out supplements, such as garlic capsules, to help address their health issues.

In this blog, Health Rack explores questions such as ‘what are garlic capsules are used for’ and ‘why take garlic capsules’ alongside exploring the benefits of adding this supplement into your daily routine. 

Why Take Garlic Capsules?

Garlic capsules have many potential benefits and there have been numerous studies on the possible benefits of ingesting garlic. Among these benefits are that garlic capsules may: • Lower cholesterol • Lower blood pressure • Lower risk of heart disease • Assist digestion • Boost your immune system • Reduce the symptoms of common cold and flu Garlic capsules have been linked to countless potential health benefits, but possibly the most important are the benefits linked to the possibility of helping to improve heart health, as heart disease and heart attacks are a significant risk to the population in this day and age. Consuming garlic capsules daily will compensate for the lack of fresh garlic in your diet and give your body the help it needs to improve your health.

What Strength Garlic Capsules Should I Take?

If you are wondering, ‘What strength garlic capsules should I take?’, Heath Rack’s 1000mg odourless garlic capsules provide a full day’s dose in one pearl. This is perfect for those with busy schedules that find it difficult to keep track of multiple doses per day. Garlic capsules are an ideal alternative for people who do not eat much garlic or those who dislike the taste or smell of garlic, as they are odourless and equate to the recommended dose of fresh raw garlic which is 2g to 5g per day.


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