Why take garlic capsules? Whilst garlic is a great ingredient for many dishes cooked worldwide, it is also very healthy and a great supplement to take. If you already follow a healthy lifestyle then garlic capsules could be hugely beneficial for you.  In the past. The benefits of garlic capsules have been largely overlooked historically. But it seems garlic pills are finally getting the recognition they deserve, and here’s why.

Immune system

One of the main benefits of garlic capsules is the general boost you get to your immune system.  Garlic is packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which have been proven to strengthen the immune system.

Whilst the day to day intake of garlic capsules benefits your general health (such as helping to avoid common colds and other similar illnesses) there is a bigger picture to consider. Garlic capsules can also help protect you against much more serious diseases.

Garlic capsule supplements have also been shown to possess antibiotic properties which can help your body to naturally fight off infection by combating dangerous microbes in the body. Garlic pills are also rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, which help to boost the immune system and support the absorption of nutrients from other supplements and food. 


Poor circulation at worst is a minor irritation for many people. Cold hands, feet and nose is something to be tolerated but not dangerous, right? Wrong. In some cases, poor circulation can involve more serious lack of oxygen and nutrient transportation around the body, which can be linked to sexual health issues and even impotence.

Garlic capsules help to widen the blood vessels (acting as a vasodilator) which facilitates the transportation of nutrients around your body more efficiently, garlic capsules can therefore help combat poor circulation.


Healthy digestion is obviously a very important part of a happy lifestyle. One reason to take garlic capsules seriously, and consider including them in your daily routine, is that they can help with your digestion. By assisting in the creation of membranes within the stomach, garlic capsules help contribute to greater production of gastric juices (which is required for healthy digestion) 

Garlic can also help the liver to extract and flush toxins from the body.

Heart health

Another benefit of supplementing with garlic capsules is the protection it can provide against heart disease.  In a 2012 Cochrane review on the effects of garlic on high blood pressure, researchers concluded ‘garlic reduces mean supine systolic and diastolic blood pressure by approximately 10-12 mmHg and 6-9 mmHg’.  The study was based on two trials in 87 patients with hypertension.

Heart disease and strokes are the biggest killers in the world - accounting for 15 million (and rising) deaths worldwide each year.

Garlic supplements have been proven to reduce blood pressure, which causes strain on the heart, it can also reduce harmful cholesterol, boost circulation and prevent hardening of the arteries.  It’s no wonder that garlic has been labelled as a superfood.