So, what is the best CBD vape juice? It’s a question we’re sure many of you have asked and it’s one that we can answer with confidence. In our humble opinion, it’s CBD vape juice from highly respected CBD oil manufacturers, Canabidol. Read on to find out the reasons why we and our valued customers rate this brand of CBD vape juice so highly.

What is CBD vape juice?

CBD is the major compound found in all cannabis plants.  Although related to the better-known THC compound, CBD is non-psychoactive so It can therefore be administered safely with no risk to your health.

Over the years, countless CBD oil manufacturers have tried and failed to develop a legal CBD oil for vaping. The main problem for many CBD vape juices is that they’ve tended to include CBD isolate in their liquid. This single ingredient renders any vape juice illegal. That’s because CBD isolates are much more potent than CBD oil and, for that reason, were outlawed for use in vape juices back in January 2018.

Why choose CBD vape juice from Canabidol?

What is the best CBD vape juice? Well, that’s a matter of opinion, of course, but we believe that ours is pretty hard to beat. We can back that up with proof too, both scientific and anecdotal from the feedback we’ve received from countless satisfied customers. At Health Rack, we only stock CBD oil products from highly respected manufacturer, Canabidol.

Why? Because we passionately believe that their CBD oil products are the best.

Canabidol go to extreme lengths to provide the safest, purest and most rigorously tested CBD oil products available. In fact, they happily chalked up two whole years of research and development in order to formulate a fully legal vape juice containing a 75% purity oil. Their dedication and diligence means that you can now enjoy all the advantages of CBD oil in one handy vaping mixture.

The amazingly varied flavour of our CBD vape juice range comes entirely from the best quality, all-natural CBD cannabinoids that are extracted from high potency Cannabis Sativa L plants. Canabidol don’t use any additional flavourings because nothing beats nature’s own blend. Available from Health Rack in 100mg, 250mg and 500mg vials, our vape juice can either be vaped on its own or added to whatever vape liquid you use.

What our customers say about our CBD vape juice

Done just take our word for how great Canabidol CBD vape juice is either. Our customers regularly tell us how much they love this product. People like Tony, who said it “vapes really well” and that “this is the best CBD Oil vape I've tried.” His sentiments were echoed by Andre, who said: “I bought this vape for the first time after reading about the benefits of CBD,” adding that it’s a “fantastic product” and that he would recommend it to “anyone who vapes and wants to try out CBD.”

Similarly, Martin told us that he “loves vaping CBD” and that the switch from nicotine to CBD has had a profound effect on his overall wellbeing. “I haven’t had any nicotine for weeks,” he said, “and I feel so much better since I started vaping cannabis oil instead.” Remember, these are genuine reviews from customers who not only adopted CBD vape juice into their daily routine but are now such keen advocates they couldn’t wait to share the results with others who might be thinking of trying it.

Where can I buy CBD vape juice near me?

Health Rack has been selling high-quality CBD oil products from Canabidol across all our stores and online since 2017. Our knowledge of this wonderful product area really is peerless, which means if you’re tempted to incorporate CBD vape juice or any other type of CBD oil product into your lifestyle, then we can provide the most comprehensive advice and the finest selection of trusted CBD products.

Just like Tony, Andre and Martin, we’re certain that once you’ve tried our highly refined CBD vape juice, you’ll be so impressed that you’ll wholeheartedly embrace it as part of your ongoing health regime. For more information about all our CBD vape juice products available to buy at Health Rack, please visit our website or contact one of our experts today on 0800 085 6211.