How It Works

Welcome to our Healthy Reward points scheme which has been specially designed to reward you for being one of our loyal customers. The scheme is very easy to use, there are no codes or reference numbers for you to remember and it is open to all customers who have registered with us. To get started all you have to do is register with us online and login in when you place your orders. From then on you will start to accrue Healthy Reward points straight away with every order you place. To welcome all our existing customers to our new scheme we have credited everybody’s account with 100 Healthy Reward points!

The Healthy Reward points earned can be redeemed at any time to either part or fully pay towards an order.

You will earn Healthy Reward points every time:

1. You make a purchase

Each time you make a purchase you earn Healthy Reward points based on the price of products purchased and these points are added to your Healthy Reward points balance. For every £1 spent we will give you 1 Healthy Reward points.

2. For writing products reviews

Each time you have a product review approved and saved to our website we will credit your account with Healthy Reward points. For every review that is approved we will give you 10 Healthy Reward points.

3. Recommend a friend

Earn points for every invitation you send out which leads to a new customer signing up via the emailed link and then placing an order with us. Once the new customer has placed an order we will credit your account with Healthy Reward points. For every friend that has been recommended we will give you 200 Healthy Reward points.

4. Twitter and Facebook

The quickest way to find out about all our latest offers and new products is to join us on Facebook and Twitter. Visit our Health Rack page on Facebook and click “like” and you will get 4 Healthy Reward points credited to your account. Also earn points by telling all your friends how good our products are and get money off your next order. Every time you “like” one of our products on Facebook or tweet it to your followers then we will give you 2 Healthy Reward points (a max of 2 likes and 2 tweets allowed per day).

5. Subscribe to our email newsletter

From time to time we like to tell our customers about or our latest offers and any new products launched. If you subscribe to your newsletter then we will credit your account with 4 Healthy Reward points.

Redeeming your points is easy, all you have to do is select how many of your Healthy Reward points you want to use against your order. You can use all or non at any one time and there is not min or max limit on how many Healthy Reward points can be earned or redeemed. One Healthy Reward point is equal to 1p.

Your Healthy Reward points earned can be viewed and managed through your online Customer Account at anytime. There you will be able to see an up to date total of all the Healthy Reward points that you have earned. This is also available at the checkout when you are logged into your online account.

Anybody found abusing the Healthy Reward points system will have their points removed. Reward Points expire 1 year after accreditation.